L-ISA was born of the union between a team of sound engineers from the performing arts domain, experimental research engineers in acoustics and signal processing and professional audio equipment designers.
Together, they have introduced new concepts for professional sound reinforcement in order to provide the creators of music, designers and sound engineers with a space for three-dimensional sound creation.
Building on their experience in the fields of performing arts and the professional audio industry, L-ISA designs professional and private sound installations.

Christian Heil



Founder of L-Acoustics in 1984, Christian Heil has left his mark on the professional audio industry with the worldwide introduction of the concept of Line Source Array that revolutionized sound systems in live performance venues. Combining a scientific mind and entrepreneurial spirit, he founded L-Group, L-Acoustics’ holding company in 2008 and surrounds himself with the best scientific and technical experts in various fields of professional audio in order to diversify the group’s innovations.
Within this context, L-ISA was created in 2012 in order to step up the research on sound design, multichannel technology, as well as to provide a new and exciting tool to the actors of sound and musical creations.

Guillaume Le Nost

Head of R&D


Driven by a passion for sound and technology, Guillaume has built a career in both the artistic and technical domains.
After getting two MScs in electrical engineering and signal processing from Ecole Centrale Paris and IRCAM, he started a research career in 3D sound, and received a PhD in Acoustics. He then performed as a professional rock musician and managed an indie music label, before going on to co-found the startup AudioGaming, a pioneer in audio synthesis technologies and French Ministry of Research award winner.
He joined the L-Acoustics R&D department in France in 2009 where he led projects on acoustic measurement and simulation, and developed new signal processing algorithms integrated into L-Acoustics software and amplified controllers. Guillaume moved to London in 2012 to head the research team for L-ISA, from where he continues to pursue his passion for live music and regularly performs in electronic or jazz ensembles.

Sherif El Barbari

Head of Application


Having spent his teens as a drummer in a hard rock band in Cairo, Sherif’s connection to live music was established at an early age.
His ever growing interest in live sound mixing and sound reinforcement speaker configurations led him to choose a career at the mixing desk, while still taking part in the artistic procedure of creating live music.
One of the earliest and most faithful adopters of L-Acoustics’ VDOSC, Sherif has put his knowledge and experience to the benefit of artists from many musical domains as FOH and system engineer for their worldwide tours: Deep Purple, Supertramp, Montserrat Caballé, Robbie Williams, a-ha and Radiohead, to name but a few. Between world tours, he has also worked as a consultant for live sound industry equipment manufacturers including L-Acoustics, before being snapped up by Christian to focus his immense talent and musical intuitions on the application of L-ISA.