L-ISA for private installations:

the emotion of live concerts in your own home


L-ISA invites you to enjoy a captivating sound experience thanks to the exceptional installations conceived by our designers. Resolutely set apart from other well-known solutions, our systems will allow you to experience the full impact of a live concert performance in your own dedicated space with spectacular realism, where power and elegance are combined into a thrilling listening experience.

What is it?

The L-ISA Island, Ocean and Arena installations offer three different sized solutions for the reproduction of our Blububbles music productions.
They are designed to suit three different styles of auditorium, from 70 m² to 1000 m², whilst offering an identical sonic experience. Based on the L-ISA-23.1 format, our solutions offer superior spatial resolution that is far superior to existing standards. Optimised for playback of the unique and exclusive limited edition recordings of Blububbles artists with an unparalleled level of quality, they are also compatible with all standard music and video formats.

Who is it for?

Our installations and Blububbles creations are tailor-made for the pleasure of select audiences in luxury venues, music rooms, home theatres, basement nightclubs or private concert halls. If you have a taste for quality and are passionate about acquiring unique pieces of art, you will surely be fascinated by this new form of Sound Art. We offer you access to exclusive musical content, produced to the highest standards for our state-of-the-art music reproduction systems.

How to proceed?

Our solutions are implemented by certified installers from our global network, working together with interior designers and architects, who are capable of seamlessly integrating our systems both architecturally and aesthetically into your own unique space. The performance of every L-ISA installation has to be extraordinary, therefore we pay full attention to every aspect of the integration process so that your first listen is a truly unforgettable experience.


Installing our sound system creations in your dedicated private space will give you: the dynamics of a live concert, a multi-dimensional sound stage in superior fidelity with the L-ISA 23.1 format, full resolution reproduction of our original Blububbles format and full compatibility with all existing media formats.
All three L-ISA solutions offer a  high resolution panorama, consisting of eighteen panoramic speakers, five elevation speakers and a single subwoofer channel. The professional audio equipment that makes up an L-ISA system can effortlessly reproduce concert-like sound at any volume and with a truly exceptional level of quality.


Combining comfort and pleasure, our Island creations blend so well into your environment that you could almost forget it was there… Almost, that is, until you unleash its considerable power. Disguised as a luxurious piece of living room furniture, the Island provides its guests with an extremely pure listening experience and exceptional sound containment in a cosy and precious cocoon. At the cutting edge of audio technology, the Island installation adopts the multichannel L-ISA standard with the subtle integration of its professional equipment into an invisible space hidden inside the module. Considered the icing on the cake, the Island can rotate – at the press of a button – to face a musical or visual horizon of your choice. The massive power of 25,000 watts brings to life the dynamics of a real concert and embodies a new level of sonic extravagance!


Resolutely unconventional, and fully supporting the Blububbles production standard, the Ocean installation quietly invites itself into your living space, discretely taking its place along the walls. While harmoniously fitting into your universe, the Ocean meets the highest audio expectations for perfect reproduction of all your favourite music. It even exceeds your expectations with a magical listening experience of your new Blububbles acquisitions. Being enveloped by its huge immersive sound, you have never been this close to the artist or the composer.
An Ocean installation comprises 13 front speakers along a straight, curved or U-shaped wall, with immersive speakers behind and in the ceiling. The installation’s 50,000 watts are available at the touch of a button for any festive event or for the privacy of intimate dynamic listening.


Arena is the most spectacular L-ISA installation. Set in an oval, circular or polygonal leisure space, the Arena installation can play the role of a music room, a mixing studio, or a venue for live performance. The audience will comfortably enjoy an exceptional listening experience in a generously sized venue, ideal for show-cases, fashion shows and festive events. The 13 loudspeakers that make up the frontal stage are arranged in a 180° half-circle. The rear and elevated loudspeakers are conveniently located along the walls and in the ceiling. Exceeding 75,000 watts, the only limit of the power of the Arena installation is what your audience can handle!


The latest technologies in digital audio, from networking to professional class D power amplification, are combined to give you the best sonic quality. Located at the heart of the audio system, the L-ISA Player is a multichannel playback device, that stores exclusive musical pieces only available through L-ISA.
The L-ISA Player is controlled via a companion hardware remote control, or via your iPad, and can easily be integrated in your home automation system.

L-ISA Player

At the heart of our private installations, the L-ISA Player is a multichannel playback device that stores and reproduces the exceptional audio content available through the Blububbles Gallery.
The L-ISA Player guarantees the exclusivity and uniqueness of your music, and the latest technologies in digital audio are combined to give you the best available sonic quality.
The L-ISA Player may be controlled via either a dedicated hardware remote, the Blububbles control tray – specifically for Blububbles content – or via the intuitive L-ISA Player control app on your tablet or smartphone.
The control app also allows basic control of more traditional sources, such as Blu-Ray players, or digital media players, which can be easily integrated into the installation irrespective of their physical location within your home.

Blububbles control tray

A veritable jewel box for your Bubbles, you will keep the control tray close by for immediate control of essential functions while playing back your choice of music. When you place a Bubble on the control tray, it will automatically start playing the corresponding content. All you have to do is to relax and adjust the level using the wireless volume control that you can remove from the tray to keep close to hand. The Blububbles control tray is connected to your installation via a single network connector, leaving you free to decide where to position it.

Power and Control

The power and control racks of our installations use the latest electronic innovations developed for the professional audio domain. Class D power units delivering more than 1kW per transducer, switch-mode power supplies with power correction factor, digital filters minimising phase shifts, control circuits optimising the dynamic range at every level, transducer protection in case of overload and more. These technologies are united in each installation to ensure absolute listening enjoyment, regardless of how the system is used. Perfectly transparent, they provide you with 24 amplifier channels with a total output of 25kW, 50kW, 75kW or more according to the chosen installation.