L-ISA for Live creative productions:

what you hear is what you see!


L-ISA systems consist of a comprehensive multichannel audio architecture, designed for live performances in venues with capacities of 100 to 10,000 people or more.
Based on innovative audio processing technologies, our software control solutions combined with our multichannel speaker topologies are particularly easy to implement and offer the audience a spectacular sonic panorama.

Why L-ISA Live?

L-ISA Live sound design effortlessly fuses sound and visuals, and offers practical, real time solutions for hyperrealistic localisation and immersive sound.
L-ISA technologies satisfy the growing demands of artists and show designers wishing to deliver the ultimate multidimensional experience.
Thanks to the high spatial resolution of our multichannel speaker installations, an L-ISA sound system provides the audience with spectacular dynamics, low distortion, and a thrilling and unforgettably natural feel.

What is it?

All L-ISA installations combine a Frontal speaker system with an Immersive speaker system.
Consisting of a Scene speaker system and an Extension speaker system, the Frontal system amplifies the main scene, and with its lateral extensions it delivers up to eight times the spatial resolution of a traditional LCR system.
Supplementing this is the Immersive system, which surrounds and envelopes the audience with additional sound sources and effects.
At the heart of the installation, the L-ISA Processor provides object-oriented mixing of 96 audio sources into 32 speaker outputs.

Who is it for?

L-ISA provides high performance, practical solutions for artists, composers and live entertainment professionals who wish to integrate ultimate localisation accuracy and immersive sound experiences into their live performances.
From extraordinary sound spatialisation to fascinating hyperrealistic effects, the mixing engineer facilitates the transformation of the show creator’s vision into a remarkable sonic experience for the entire audience to enjoy.
L-ISA systems attract new audiences, seduced by this exciting sensory experience.

How to proceed?

L-ISA partners are highly qualified audio and sound design specialists with extensive expertise in the live entertainment industry.
Right from the initial design stage of an event, they will support you in specifying a suitable system that fulfils the L-ISA criteria.
They will assist you during the pre-production phase, training your engineers in L-ISA spatialisation and mixing techniques, thus ensuring streamlined integration with all elements of your show.
During production you can count on their support to ensure everything runs smoothly, from conception to delivery.


L-ISA sound design certification offers multichannel live solutions that are adapted to venue capacities of between 100 and 10,000 spectators, or more.
Every L-ISA installation is based upon the use of an L-ISA Processor in conjunction with an L-Acoustics concert system. For every project and every venue format, we have developed suitable solutions using either L-Acoustics Series X, ARCS, Kiva, Kara or K1 and K2 products.

L-ISA Live implementation principles

L-ISA sound designs are suitable for any type of venue, wherever spatial localisation and a full immersive experience are desirable.


L-ISA has certified various implementations for audiences from 100 to over 10,000 seats.


L-ISA Live tools have been developed in collaboration with leading FOH and system engineers. They integrate easily into any sound reinforcement application, on tour or in fixed installations.
These tools provide the power of object-based mixing to L-Acoustics concert systems and offer consistent results across various speaker configurations.

L-ISA Processor

Combining a powerful multi-core architecture with a compact form factor, the L-ISA Processor is the audio heart of each L-ISA system.
Its object-based design provides great flexibility, and ensures consistent sonic performance across various speaker configurations.
The L-ISA Processor is remotely controlled via the L-ISA Controller, where the speaker configuration and sound object properties are centrally managed.
In response to these parameters, the L-ISA Processor computes the corresponding speaker feeds in real time: up to 96 audio inputs can be processed into 32 discrete outputs, including automatic mono, stereo and LCR downmixes.

L-ISA Controller

The L-ISA Controller software has been designed with a focus on speed and ease of use. It offers, on a single screen, a full view of all sound objects in the mixing space, or soundscape. Three parameters are offered for each sound object: Pan, Width and Distance. Advanced features such as groups and automation enable high-level control of multiple sound objects at the same time. All sound object and speaker parameters are centrally managed and processed by the Controller before being sent on to the L-ISA Processor.
The L-ISA Controller interfaces seamlessly with the automation features of all major digital audio workstations, such as Avid Pro Tools, Steinberg Nuendo or Ableton Live, and can communicate with external devices via OSC for more complex setups.
The L-ISA Application team can advise you on the best setup for your project.